I am Mbale

Poverty involves more than a lack of material things or money. One becomes impoverished when there is a lack of dignity, a lack of control, and a lack of influence.


Helping the hurting

There’s a population on the streets of Mbale that are passed by, overlooked, and ill-equipped for daily life. These are not adults, they are the children who are overlooked even by family and friends. They struggle for themselves to care for their own daily needs, These street kids often resort to stealing to get by. They know of no other way to survive. Im Mbale seeks to restore dignity and self-esteem to these youngest of the young— the legacy of Mbale— by meeting their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Education and Emotional Needs

Providing needed education for self-worth and job training.

Food and Physical Needs

Every day is a struggle just to find food and nourishment for the kids on the street.

Spiritual and Soul Care

It all begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual formation and soul care are built into Im-Mbale’s outreach.

Emotional Aid

The scars of living life as a street kid are many and often take years to overcome. Imagine if your family forced you to go out and provide for them with no educational means to succeed. Im-Mbale brings education to the streets through counseling and career training.

Physical Aid

Im-Mbale cannot meet any other need a child might have until we have met their need for physical well-being through the provision of food as well as a medical check-up to ensure each child is physically fit for the environment of being on the streets of Mbale.

Spiritual Aid

It is paramount for Im-Mbale to bring the message of the good news of Jesus Christ and the hope for the future for each of these who are struggling to live. Im Mbale is not ashamed of the Gospel and points to Jesus Christ as the source of all healing and provision.


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Ways to Get Involved

QT Bears for Mbale, Uganda

QT Bears

Help us spread (QT) bear hugs to children in Mbale, Uganda and around the world! The QT Bear Foundation, 501(c)(3) is dedicated to comforting children through the gift of a teddy bear. We provide comfort, hope, and love to little ones when they need it most. 100% of the money raised through our foundation is used to create QT Bears that are donated directly to children facing a crisis.

Mission Trip to Mbale, Uganda

Mission Trip

If you have a heart for missions, it means you’ve got a burning desire to make a real impact. Imagine yourself eagerly signing up for an upcoming mission trip to Mbale, Uganda, where you’ll be lending a hand in constructing a thriving spiritual community that warmly embraces its neighbors and city. Maybe its time to seize this opportunity to be a part of something truly significant.

Kicks for Kids Mbale

Kicks for Kids

You get to make a meaningful impact by sending a pair of shoes through the “Kicks for Kids” mission at the First Church of Torrington. Your generosity brightens the lives of street kids in Mbale, offering them not just footwear but also hope and comfort. It’s incredible how a simple act, like sending shoes, can create a ripple effect of positivity, reminding you that your kindness truly matters.



In the grand tapestry of ministry, prayer is the thread that weaves it all together. No ministry can truly flourish without this vital foundation. Be a prayer warrior, a beacon of hope, for the precious street kids of Mbale and the Im-Mbale Ministry across Uganda. Every day, lift them up in your prayers, beseeching for their physical nourishment, but also their spiritual growth. With your caring and heartfelt intentions, we can nurture not just bodies but souls, ensuring a brighter, more promising future for these cherished children.

Pastor Trip Fund

Pastoral Support

We have the incredible ability to rally behind local pastor Eric Manana in Mbale! By supporting him, we enable him to wholeheartedly nurture and educate the community about the boundless love God has for them. Imagine the impact of our collective efforts, infused with love and positivity, as we empower Pastor Eric to spread the message of love and faith. Together, we can create a vibrant, loving community that radiates with the divine energy of compassion and growth!

Mbale Scholarships

Mbale School Scholarship

Be the reason for the bright smiles and promising futures of students in Mbale, Uganda. After the age of 6, families often struggle to afford education, leaving many children, including street kids, without access to learning. Your contribution can be their beacon of hope, breaking down barriers to education. Imagine the joy of empowering these eager minds, giving them a chance to learn, grow, and dream. Together, we can light up their paths with knowledge and opportunity.

The kids you reach…

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